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School Leaders Guide the Reception of Students Returning to School and the Spring Epidemic Prevention and Control Work


时间:2021-03-16    阅读次数:

On the morning of March 16,Executive Director Wang Xinqi,President Guo Aixian and relevant directors went to the school gate and other relevant places to inspect the reception of students returning to school.

In order to conscientiously implement the requirements of the higher authorities for the spring semester, and ensure the smooth, safe and orderly work of students’returning to school, our school started the work of students returning to school in batches from March 16, 2021 spring semester.

Our school leaders successively went to the scene for inspection.They carefully checked the work of students’ batch check-in, disinfection, inspection of itinerary QR code for epidemic prevention and control, reception arrangement, etc., and put forward clear requirements. The staff must do a good job in the information statistics and related services of students’ return to school. Students must carry out disinfection and itinerary QR code scanning in strict accordance with the regulations, so as to ensure that they can enter school safely, timely and smoothly.

It is reported that in the spring of 2021, students will return to school from March 16 to March 22 in seven batches. During the period, all staff have a clear division of work, perform their own duties and take their own responsibilities, so as to ensure the safe and orderly return of students.


(Photo by Guo Yuge, Su Di, Shao Shuai,Artical by Luo Chunlei in the Media Convergence Center, Translated by Cui Dongli in the International Office)

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