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2019 Graduation Ceremony


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How time flies! Today, 7259 graduates of Shengda University will sail again towards their new life. On the morning of June 5th, the school’s 2019 graduation ceremony was held in Si Yuan Hall.






The President, Guo Aixian, delivered a speech. In her speech, she sent her sincere wishes to the graduates of 2019, and hoped they work hard and live up to their youth.


Liu Kang, as the graduate representative, made a speech at the ceremony. He expressed gratitude to Shengda University, and said that they will study and fight hard after graduation to honor the Alma Mater.


Li Xianwei, the outstanding alumnus of 2003, gave a speech. He said that he was very grateful to his Alma Mater and the school founder. He suggested that graduates should learn how to face choices, difficulties, and confusion.


The Executive Director of the school, Dr. Wang Xinqi, read a speech by Chairman Wang Shufang. In his speech, Wang congratulated the graduates and expressed hope that they should be patriotic, grateful, learn how to do things and contribute to national development.








At the graduation ceremony, school leaders presented certificates and bonuses to more than 200 outstanding graduates and students of all kinds.


In order to thank their alma mater, the graduates of 2019 presented ten groups of outdoor chairs to their Alma Mater to express their deep gratitude feeling of more than 7200 students.



In the end, the graduates bow to thank teachers and the school founder Dr. Wang Guangya. They read and reviewed Shengda motto together to spread the founder’s school philosophy and inherit Shengda’s spirit.

The sky is high enough for birds to fly. We wish the students in their new journey, successful career, and smooth sailing! We wish the Shengda family a good reputation and prosperity!




Ref:  http://www.shengda.edu.cn/info/1023/32768.htm



(Article by Chen Jun in Publicity Office; Photos by Wang Minhua and Su Di in Publicity Office, Li Kai in Study and Correspondence Office; Translated by Cui Dong Li in Foreign Affairs Office.)



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